Sunday, August 16, 2009

All moved in!

Yay the move was successful! Nothing broken, nothing missing. . .. besides a few unmatched socks so that solves that mystery :) But everything went great! We had lots of helping hands and way too many doughnuts left over. We are so happy to be in our new home. It is perfect. Tonight we finished putting the kitchen in order. One room down and a couple more to go. We love it and it is so much fun finding out where the new things go. Thanks so much to everyone that helped! More pictures to come. . .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camping at Big Lake

We had so much fun camping with John and Chantel Webster. The long relaxing weekend was defiantly needed, in that with my training schedule I hardly get to see my husband anymore. Anyways it was a 5 hour drive but I loved every minute of it. It was beautiful! It didn't even look like Arizona it was so plush and green. The wild flowers were all in bloom there were bright red and yellow flowers covering a good part of the medows. We played "forrest golf" . . .way more fun than normal golf because luck is a good part of the game. We played and I didn't end up keeping score of my points. . .I kinda lost track. . . it's probably a good thing :) I think my favorite part of the trip wsa going fishing. I loved it. At one point John got his hook caught on something not too far out in the lake, and it was his favorite loore, so thinking that I wouldn't get too wet I decided to go in and get it for him :) yeah I was pretty much all soaked by the time I got out. . .I guess it looked a lot more shallow than it really was. But I had fun witting in the back of the truck with my sweetheart, trying to dry off, as we headed back to the camp site. We sang all of our favorite silly songs like "oh Johnnery Beck" to songs from "My Fair Lady" as loud as we could . . . yeah we're nerds but I love it. It was a great weekend and we look forward to next time.