Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Second Anniversary

I can't believe that two years has passed by soo fast! I guess time flies when you're having fun. I have never been happier, I absolutely adore my husband and I am so grateful that I am the lucky girl that gets to spend the rest of my life with a man that treats me like a queen. He's amazing. Since I got pregnant Jesse has stepped up to clean, cook, and pamper me to no end. He does all of these things on top of working over 40 hours a week. He never complains or asks me to do more than I feel like I am capable of. I love him more than words can say. okay okay enough of me gushing about my perfect husband. Jesse planned such a fun date for our anniversary. We went bowling and I told Jesse that I was a terrible bowler, and to not expect much.

Our first round pretty much proved my point. No one really wanted to claim this round.

Second round however. . . .Turns out I can bowl a lot better than I thought. . . or maybe it was just luck. :) I think it's just because I have the strength of a grown woman and a small fetus to help me out.

Jesse doing a victory dance . .. yeah or trying to do so

My victory dance. . .

I win again!

Then i get worse. . . or maybe I just let Jesse win this time, the world will never know.

After bowling we went to Sekai Sushi in Mesa so get some of my favorite food. We got some deep fried and baked sushi and it was amazing. So delicious, and we just relaxed for the rest of the night. It was a perfect evening. Thanks for everything babe!

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was amazing! It was so stress free and fun! Jesse and I did our own little Christmas celebration and gift giving on Christmas eve. We made homemade pizza and wow it was delicious! after we were completely stuffed we gave eachother stocking presents. Jesse got me lots of little goodies and surprised me with a Costco membership card - which I have been wanting for awhile. I got him some fun goodies as well. Jess bought me an awesome Cuisinart Griddler. It's kind of an all in one panini press, grill, and griddle. I've loved it I use it pretty much everyday. I got Jesse a tool box, I'd been hiding it from him for about a month and a half and I was sooo excited to give it to him! Now he can have somewhere to put his tools besides a plastic bin. :)

One of the best part of Christmas is watching the little kids open up their presents. I love how excited they get and want to play with their new toys immediately. Jesse's brother and his cute family came into town so Christmas morning we went over to the Henry's to spend Christmas morning with them.

Later in the day we went over to my family's house for brunch but I was feeling pretty sick so I didn't take any pictures :( But it was a lot of fun! One of the sweetest moments was the present all of us kids got my dad. My dad went to Vietnam and served our country. He earned several metals including a purple heart for his service. Unfortunately these metals are pretty expensive to buy and since he didn't have money when he got home from the war he just had the certificates for them. So all of us kids decided that it was time he received his metals. We pulled together and presented him with 9 metals, pins and ribbons. I'm so proud of my dad and it was such a sweet experience give them to him.

Pretzel making

We had such a fun date with Randy & Dev. We had homemade soft pretzels, on the downside it completely ruined all soft pretzels for me Alton Browns homemade Soft Pretzels changed my life. Soooo delicious! Here are a few fun pictures from the night.

The Hike

So I had been bugging Jesse to go on a hike with me for awhile. I found out that I was pregnant a couple weeks prior but I still wanted to get out go on a hike. So Corey picked out a nice "easy" hike for us called weaver's needle in the superstition mountains. We got a group together Julie, from my work, and Kim ( who literally sparkles naturally) and we got up on Saturday morning to go out on this hike. I quickly learned that maybe hiking isn't the best idea while pregnant especially in the first trimester. I got super tired and wanted the throw up after every corner. Blek! But everyone was super patient with me and let me rest as much as I wanted. It was fun, but I probably won't be doing much more hiking for awhile.

Halloween 2010

Yeah I know wasn't Halloween forever ago? Well yeah but I just now have motivation to play catch up :) Plus Halloween was amazing and so much fun! Jesse & I were Zim and Gir from the Nickelodeon cartoon Invader Zim. We had a big party over at the Dukes we had amazing food. . .well normal food along with some very interesting things Jesse and I brought and prepared chicken feet, fish heads, tiny octopus, dried fish (which by far was the worst smelling), and balut (fertilized duck egg). It was fun a lot of people dared to try the questionable food. We had lots of fun games duck hunt, rock band and some fun dance music. Here are some fun pics from the night.

Jesse's sister Miri and her new hubby Marc drove down from Utah for the event

Thank you for your appearance Randy and Dev - Yes Randy actually permed his hair- amazing!

Ashligh & Corey and little fetus Elli

So Andrew dressed up as Jesse for Halloween (what do you think?)

Carly & James

Bonstar was the first to try out some of the fear factor food- she tried out the chicken feet- they were actually quite tasty :)

Jess is teaching Shawn how to properly eat balut - he was a champ

I took my turn with the chicken feet. They were deep fried with a little bit of garlic pretty good :)

Jesse's takin his turn

Corey is eating a tiny octopus he said they were good - I trust him

With the smell of these fish - I had the same reaction.

Fish heads- YUM

Adam & Amber I think spent the most time with their costumes- pretty realistic.

Randy & Michelle I think spent the least time on their costumes. . .but still looked amazing!

Halloween was so much fun! Thanks for everyone that joined in!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We are so excited for this year it’s going to be full of fun changes. We are happily expecting our first little baby (aka Bubuit) – just the fetus name not actual name. We will be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl the end of January. Jesse started a new job this last year in May. He is a senior analyst in a health care management company. He is enjoying himself immensely. I am still working but looking forward to being a stay at home mom come June. I will be finishing up school this year with my Bachelors in Family and Human Development. Life is bliss for us in the Pettit home and we are looking forward to this new year.