Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock, Paper, or Scissors??

So my parents, and Jesse and I all went out to eat the other night to a place called Buffalo Wings and Rings. And to our surprise every Saturday night there is a Rock, Paper Scissors competition with the people in the restaurant. So we decided to play. My mom and I got out in the first or second round and Jesse and my dad got out in the 3rd. But because there was a odd number of people they had to "resurrect" someone who had already lost. And that person just so happened to be me. I was excited. So I beat the guy in the 4th round as I jogged up the the front . . .I was pumped. It was the last round. I was up against the guy who beat my Dad and Jesse. . . . it was intense. This time it wasn't 2 out of 3 . . . it was 3 out of 5 rounds declares the winner. the first round I beat him. . . paper covers rock. . . . I let out a ooooooooooooo and get the whole bar to start in with me. . . . . we go for a second round and I am pounding my fist into my hand as we call out rock paper scissors. . . .. ( I guess I got a little too into it b/c my hands hurt afterwards) He beats me twice and I beat him one more time. . .we are neck and neck 2 to 2 . .. the first place prize is a $40 gift certificate and the second is a $20 gift certificate. . .. no matter what happens at this point I'm going home with something. As the last rock, paper, scissors is called . . . I throw down a rock, and he. . . my competitor throws down scissors. . .

The New House!!!

We are soooo excited! We are getting a house!!!! The close date is Aug 10th so in about 2 1/2 weeks! It's coming up quick! But we are so excited to have a place of our own. We checked out the ward on Sunday and it was the most friendly ward I've ever been to. It just seemed right- that's is where we are supposed to be. So here are a few pictures of the house. . . most will come when we are moving in :) It is in Gilbert off Recker and Williams Field. It is great we are just a half a block away from the community pool and the playground. It's a great area and we are excited to move.

The Kitchen is pretty- I love the dark wood, and it will be nice to have a dishwasher. . . it hasn't been as bad as I thought living without one . . . but it will be nice all the same.

Here is Jesse's citrus tree. . . the selling point of the house.

This is the front room. When we walked into the house we could just picture where everything went. . . .not just because it was outlined in the carpet of where the previous owners put there stuff :)

We are way excited to move in, we love it and we hope that you come visit us soon! And . . . we are about 3 miles away from out best friends . . .(see Filipino culture night for more details)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July '09

This 4th of July we made a trip up to Utah for the Pettit Family Reunion. We decided to bring the kitten along for the ride, Jesse's parents have two rather larger cats that would rough Oopsie up a little, and since Oopsie basically dominates all of the other kittens we have put him with we thought it would be a good experience for him.
The ride up was beautiful! There was rain on both sides of us but we seemed to be right in the middle without a drop coming down on us.
When we finally got to Orem we had so much fun with the family- I love our nieces and nephew- absolutely adorable! I'm so happy I married into this family!
We had fun at Trafalga playing miniature golf, go cart racing and a few fun games.
Later that day we had a fun program introducing every month of the year and having a little skit for each one. My cute husband and his brother and sister had the skit for October- it was hilarious to say the least.

On the 4th we had a BBQ at Grandma Betty's with we watched a beautiful display of fireworks while having fun playing with glow sticks and long exposures on my new camera. We made it home safely with lots of fun memories with the Pettit Families.