Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Culture Night - Filipino

So we have started a tradition that we are going to have a "culture night" once a month in which we go to a different restaurant that has a different cultures food. . . such as Greek, Indian, Ethiopian ( amazing by the way!) So this last month we paid tribute to Jesse's mission and we went to a Filipino restaurant "Barrio Fiesta of Manila" We went with our best friends John and Chantel Webster (also amazing :)) The food was like a flavor explosion in my mouth! I loved it! Before my mission I didn't enjoy it that much. . .but I guess things change after living in a 3rd world country for awhile. But it really was amazing my favorite was Sinigon (excuse my spelling) but it was a bitter soup that had this flavor I've never tried before. My husbands favorite was this seafood dish. . . defiantly interesting and I surprisingly enjoyed it as well .. . I even tried a tiny squid with tentacles and all. . . not bad at all if you don't imagine what you are putting in your mouth. But anyways this months culture night was so much fun we can't wait to go back.
Here is John eating a tiny squid. . . gross

Scout Hike

So our first calling in our new ward is webelo scout leaders! I love it! They are so much fun and we are learning a lot from them. For one of our latest scout activities we went on a hike in the superstition mountains - we had a really good turn out. We thought only one or two boys were going to make it but we had a lot more come. We had a great time we went to the hieroglyphic canyon, there were no injuries and everyone had a lot of fun, so I would call it a success.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flat Iron Hike

I haven't gone on a hike since I was about 12 yrs. old. But after walking for a year and half in Chile - I was up to the challenge :) My co-workers from Still Life Studios were already planning to go to Flat Iron that Saturday and they didn't mind if we tagged along. It was a rough hike - in some places you literally had to rock climb your way up but we made it and it was totally worth it! We had so much fun. . . and just a teensy sore for the days to come.

The Air Show

A little while back there was an air show at Luke Air Force Base. Although it was way hot that day we took my nephews to see the "Really Loud" air planes. From F-22s to Apaches to big AWACS we saw it all explaining along the way the different functions of each part of the airplane.

Brig and Logan were so brave - they even sat in a real helicopter and walked around in a medivac.


About a month ago my boss and his wife found 5 kittens in a near by storm drain. I don't like cats. . . but I'm a sucker for kittens. They are so curious and fearless. They can do anything and they are excited about doing it! So there was this particular kitten - Darla (which then was named angel once they figured out it was not a girl) this kitten always recognized me and would come to me every time i would come into work.

My husband LOVES animals so I knew if I asked him he would be more than excited to have an addition to the family. So after about a week of debating I finally gave in and we took our new kitten home and named him Oopsie. (If anyone has ever seen the marvelous misadventures of Flap Jack then you would understand the origins of the name) We love having him in our house. He LOVES to play but we get a chance every so often that he will treat us and give us a little cuddle time.

Honeymoon part 2

We got married in January and we decided to take a mini-honeymoon to Scottsdale to relax and have fun as a newly married couple. We planned a few months later to go on a cruise to Mexico so that I could speak my Spanish and have a blast on a second honeymoon with my husband :) About a week before the cruise they called and informed us that it was cancelled due to the swine flu :( (way over rated) So as a last minute decision we made plans to hit up California. It was way better than anything I ever expected we had a blast relaxing on the beach.

We went at the perfect time of the year when there were literally NO lines at 6 flags magic mountain- we could literally hop off one ride and if we wanted to go again- just get right back on :)

Although running into a tiny bit of car trouble, it just made the trip all the more memorable.

Then to finish the perfect vacation we were off to shoot a wedding in San Diego.