Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Pettit Family

I guess we need to start from the beginning. . . where Jesse and I met. We met through friends but as I moved to Arizona and transitioned through groups of friends I always heard of the name Jesse Pettit. His name always seemed to come up when talking about childhood memories with my guy friends. So in June of 2006 just a week after Jesse got back from his mission we met. He was on a trip down from Utah and was meeting up with a few of his friends that i was hanging out with. I finally got to meet "The all and famous Jesse Pettit" . .. and so it began. After flirting all night and most of the morning it was time to leave and Jesse asked for my number. Being the flirt that I was I told him no. . .. and him being the recent returned missionary wouldn't take no for an answer. He told me that he would just have to get my number from a friend, Shaun. He called me a few weeks later and from then on I stopped wanting to go out on weekends and preferred staying home to talk to Jesse. He was a nerd - big time. . . and I loved it! Well after a couple months things started to look a bit more serious, but I had the desire to serve a mission. . . and also a desire to be with this "nerd" for forever. So we had to make a choice. . .. after consulting with Jesse he said hands down serve a mission. . . I didn't really know what to think of his response :) I was called to serve in the Chile, Osorno mission. . . .wow it brings tears to my eyes even thinking back on my mission. . . to say the least I loved it! Each and every area and companion that I had I loved. I learned from them and I am more than grateful that I served a full-time mission. As my mission came to an end Jesse was the farthest thing from my mind. . . I thought for sure I wouldn't marry him . . . . but i would give him a few pity dates :) I knew he was a wonderful boy but. . . I just didn't feel anything for him anymore.
It took him about 5 days to change my mind. He let me know about two days after I came home that his intentions were to chase me and marry me. And that's exactly what he did. Less than a month from being home Jesse asked me to be his wife- and me . . . being speechless for the first time in my life nodded in agreement to be his wife. We were married 3 months later and this is how our happily ever after begins. We are the Pettit Family


  1. yeah for blogs! add me to your blog list... when you get one.

    love ya

  2. I am reading your blog! Wonderful. Love the picture on the train. Don't let Jesse borrow your sleeping bag and take it to Mexico EVER. That's all...