Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock, Paper, or Scissors??

So my parents, and Jesse and I all went out to eat the other night to a place called Buffalo Wings and Rings. And to our surprise every Saturday night there is a Rock, Paper Scissors competition with the people in the restaurant. So we decided to play. My mom and I got out in the first or second round and Jesse and my dad got out in the 3rd. But because there was a odd number of people they had to "resurrect" someone who had already lost. And that person just so happened to be me. I was excited. So I beat the guy in the 4th round as I jogged up the the front . . .I was pumped. It was the last round. I was up against the guy who beat my Dad and Jesse. . . . it was intense. This time it wasn't 2 out of 3 . . . it was 3 out of 5 rounds declares the winner. the first round I beat him. . . paper covers rock. . . . I let out a ooooooooooooo and get the whole bar to start in with me. . . . . we go for a second round and I am pounding my fist into my hand as we call out rock paper scissors. . . .. ( I guess I got a little too into it b/c my hands hurt afterwards) He beats me twice and I beat him one more time. . .we are neck and neck 2 to 2 . .. the first place prize is a $40 gift certificate and the second is a $20 gift certificate. . .. no matter what happens at this point I'm going home with something. As the last rock, paper, scissors is called . . . I throw down a rock, and he. . . my competitor throws down scissors. . .


  1. Oooh--congrats on winning! What a claim to fame! LOL

  2. So excited for you guys to move in. Let us know when it is and we'll totally help. So will the ward- they love this kind of stuff!

  3. wow! i had no idea you were so good congrats!!!