Thursday, September 10, 2009

ASU Season Opener

Last Saturday some of our friends offered us their ASU tickets for the season opener, and since I have never been to a football game before I was really excited! We had so much fun! Not only did we almost loose both of our voices from yelling so much - but we annihilated Idaho State 50 to 3. Not only that but the adventure shoes that Mirinda made for us saw their first big event. My first football game was a blast - just another amazing memory with my sweetheart.

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  1. Hey you two crazy kids! I'm so sorry we missed your open house, but we have been moving into our own place! Hooray for new houses, right? We want you guys to come over sometime soon and I need a tour of casa de Pettit! Also, we might have a crush on you guys because you love Flapjack enough to name your kitty after it. I hope that's not weird.