Tuesday, June 2, 2009


About a month ago my boss and his wife found 5 kittens in a near by storm drain. I don't like cats. . . but I'm a sucker for kittens. They are so curious and fearless. They can do anything and they are excited about doing it! So there was this particular kitten - Darla (which then was named angel once they figured out it was not a girl) this kitten always recognized me and would come to me every time i would come into work.

My husband LOVES animals so I knew if I asked him he would be more than excited to have an addition to the family. So after about a week of debating I finally gave in and we took our new kitten home and named him Oopsie. (If anyone has ever seen the marvelous misadventures of Flap Jack then you would understand the origins of the name) We love having him in our house. He LOVES to play but we get a chance every so often that he will treat us and give us a little cuddle time.

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