Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Culture Night - Filipino

So we have started a tradition that we are going to have a "culture night" once a month in which we go to a different restaurant that has a different cultures food. . . such as Greek, Indian, Ethiopian ( amazing by the way!) So this last month we paid tribute to Jesse's mission and we went to a Filipino restaurant "Barrio Fiesta of Manila" We went with our best friends John and Chantel Webster (also amazing :)) The food was like a flavor explosion in my mouth! I loved it! Before my mission I didn't enjoy it that much. . .but I guess things change after living in a 3rd world country for awhile. But it really was amazing my favorite was Sinigon (excuse my spelling) but it was a bitter soup that had this flavor I've never tried before. My husbands favorite was this seafood dish. . . defiantly interesting and I surprisingly enjoyed it as well .. . I even tried a tiny squid with tentacles and all. . . not bad at all if you don't imagine what you are putting in your mouth. But anyways this months culture night was so much fun we can't wait to go back.
Here is John eating a tiny squid. . . gross


  1. What a fun idea!! Scott and I LOVE indian food- so amazing. Glad you found your cute background :)

  2. cute blog!! hey my friend Camie Shill took them- she wanted us to be her practice family- i think she did a great job