Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cabin Trip

Randy, Corey, Desi, Jesse and I all went up to Desi's cabin for the weekend it was such a blast!!!! And was very needed given the stressful semester. We played horse shoes, relaxed, played a lot of uno, and even fit in a little nature hike. Seriously one of my favorite weekends with some of my favorite people!

Here we are playing horse shoes

I think Corey won :)

Dance Randy Dance!!

Desi and me! I'm gonna miss her when she goes on her mission - but I'm super jealous!


I guess we are bacon here. . . Jesse told us to, this was our best impression.

Extreme concentration. . .

Also extreme concentration

Desi was a lot better than me

This was my normal throw, not even close to the goal

My hubby tries to lick my eye every now and then. . . kinda scary

yummy cookies - we stayed up till about 3 in the morning talking. . .well Jesse fell asleep around 12 but I made sure everyone else stayed up talking with me :)

So much fun! Thanks Desi!!!!

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