Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little bits of service

So just so you know I haven't forgotten about the whole service in September thing. I want to say that I have been preparing projects little by little but the truth is a Should be doing more and actually delivering. But, last week I cooked dinner for a family that just had a new baby (by the way it was delicious) an awesome concoction of spinach filled raviolis, with breaded chicken breasts, topped with fresh seasoned tomatoes, and with a bunch of mozzarella cheese broiled on top. This morning I babysat a new born baby so his parents could take the day together to go to the temple. The husband just got called into the bishopric so I doubt that they have much time together anymore. This evening Jesse and I delivered a pie from our favorite pie place Crowshaw's Gourmet Pies to one of the families in our ward that we really admire with a little thank you note. So that's in for now - stay tuned because I have some big plans for some fun service projects coming up!

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