Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Special Olympics

Last Saturday Jesse and I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Special Olympics for floor hockey.  Let me start from the beginning of the day. At about 5am I was wide awake so I got up and got a drink and realized that the baby was flipping like crazy around in my tummy. I sat there for a bit and it was just ridiculously strong so I felt my tummy with my hand and realized that I could feel it from the outside, which means that Jesse could feel the baby too! I grabbed Jesses hand and I woke him up and said- you've gotta feel this!  He woke up for a few minutes and he got really excited because he felt the baby kick a couple of times, then he promptly fell back asleep :) So I got up and made breakfast and woke Jesse up about an hour later to get up so we could go to floor hockey. We thought it would have taken a lot longer to get over to Avondale and it really only took about 30 minutes and we got there pretty much before all the the volunteers so we got to help out a lot and so we got the good jobs, we got to hand out the lunches for the athletes. We got to watch a couple of games and we made some cute friends.

Here is our friend Boyd - he helped us set up a lot of the tables

We got to sit and watch a few games

 This is Deb, she was one of the volunteer coordinators
 I even got to have my face painted- glitter everywhere!
 Jesse was sad that he didn't get a metal :)
 But happy that he could be there
 We all had fun dancing, I got worn out pretty fast.
Thanks so much to Katie Hawkes, she let's us in on a ton of opportunities for service in the valley with Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, and Feed my Starving Children.  Check out her service team facebook page HERE .


  1. this please me immensely! thanks for the shout out. you guys are favorites.

  2. p.s. i've got my foot in the door to get more projects w/ Special Olympics in the next couple months...namely track & field, basketball/cheerleading, and flag football. i'm very excited.