Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diamondbacks game

One of our besties John & Chantel invited us to a Diamondbacks game against the Minnesota Twins, it started off a little slow but got way more intense as the game went on. It was an amazing game! We ended up winning and had a blast, I even brought a throw pillow so my bum didn't get too tired from sitting :) I showed the world how lady like I am.... so I have noticed that being pregnant it is more and more difficult to cross my legs or keep my knees together - it's just not comfortable. Soo the people that were sitting in front of us had a huge Diamondbacks flag that they were waving around and I look up to see them on the jumbo tron, and what do you know there is me in the background with my wide open legs - so attractive I'm sure. I'm just glad I wasn't wearing a skirt that day.

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