Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First scare as a new parent

So I know most new parents kinda freak out over every little thing, and honestly I thought I was a level headed person. I figured well if there is an emergency I will act calm and I'll take care of the situation, boy was I wrong. Good thing I have a husband who doesn't freak out over things! So last night Calvin and I were just snuggling on the couch like normal, he'd eaten about 3 hours earlier so it was just about time for him to be hungry again and out of a sound sleep he starts bucking and kicking violently! I thought okay thats weird so I sat up and noticed he was frothing at the mouth and he wasn't breathing. I FREAKED out! I yelled for Jesse and my mind went blank, I know baby CPR, I know what I'm supposed to do when I baby isn't breathing but my mind was blank. I ran to Jesse and put the baby in his arms and I think I said something to the effect of "fix it".  Jesse started patting his back and moving him from his tummy to his back, back and forth a few times and after about 20 seconds he gasped for air and cried out but then stopped breathing again. He was struggling a lot, his face was turning red/a hint of blue. 20 seconds later he gasped for air and started crying. He started to breath a bit more normally but I called the on call nurse, I was in such a panic I couldn't remember what his date of birth was, how to spell his name or my own phone number!  After Calvin calmed down a bit Jesse gave him to me so he could talk to the nurse, because obviously I was not in my right mind. I cradled my new little boy and just started sobbing.  I thought oh no did I not feed him soon enough? Is his blood sugar too low and he's having a seizure like what happens to his dad?  Am I going to loose my new baby?  Even though we've only had him a couple weeks I love him more than anything in this whole wide world.  He's so tiny, and all of a sudden he let out the biggest toot I have ever heard from a tiny infant! It made both me and him jump! We talked to the doctor and he said that my sweet little boy was just grunting out a toot and sometimes they hold their breath as they struggle with their gas. Oh my gosh seriously?!  I got so scared over gas?  I have never been so scared in my whole life! Luckily he's fine, still absolutely adorable and as healthy as can be. We will just have to see what we can do about gas medicine or something :)

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  1. Try Gripe Water!! We used it with C for her gas and I swear by it. It's all natural and we picked up ours at Target--I think it was called Baby's Bliss Gripe Water. Just ask at the pharmacy and they can help you find it :)