Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calvin 11 months

What? Almost a year?!? When did my little sweet baby teeny tiny turn into an almost one year old?!  He has been pretty cranky this month with sicknesses going around, teething a lot, and adjusting sleeping schedules. He is now sleeping through the night without even waking up once! We are putting him on whole milk a little earlier than a year because he has started using his teeth for more than just eating crackers. 
He LOVES bath time!  He breaths in water several times every time he takes a bath, but I'm sure he will figure it out sooner or later.
He crawls up the stairs all by himself. He has seven teeth now four on top and three on bottom.
When he gets excited he will say "gob".  Every step he climbs up "gob, gob, gob" turns on a light switch, "gob, gob" looks at his game on my ipad "gob, gob" I say good job to him a lot, maybe he is trying to say that. He is also clapping his hands and gives high fives.
He is pulling himself up on everything, which means that he pretty much has a perpetual bonk on his head/face.  Even when he gets a pretty big bonk he is so easy to calm down. Most of the time he doesn't even cry.
This kid has monkey toes! We'll be watching him in his crib on the video monitor and we'll see him grab his blanket with his little toes and then bring it up to his face before he grabs it with his hands.

We went up to Utah for our newest nephews baby blessing, it was so much fun to see the family and play with the cousins

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