Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 I can't believe we have a one year old! What happened to my teenie tiny? I was looking at cell phone pictures I have taken of him over the last year and I started to get a little sad. I am so happy he is growing and it is so much fun to see him learn and discover new things, but part of me wishes he's just stay small.  He is learning all sorts of new things. He now associates momma with me (it doesn't just mean I want food, sleep, or if he's just mad) he know dadda and gets soooo excited when Jesse comes through the door. His eyes light up and he crawls really fast to the door so daddy can pick him up. He has become more of a snuggle bug. I love it when he puts his little head on my shoulder when I am holding him. Calvin and I have so much fun together while I am at home during the day! He cackles when I throw the ball against the wall and it comes shooting back at us. He LOVES baths now. We gave him his first bubble bath this month and I have never seen him splash around so much. He didn't want to get out.  He is standing for a few seconds on his own, but he doesn't seem too interested in walking just yet. He has started drinking cows milk, and it took him about 2 weeks to get used to it and really start drinking it without having to put any sweetener in it.
He knows how to give high fives, wave, dance, throw a ball.Also his favorite color is yellow. He will choose a toy that is yellow over any other color.

He had a mustache bash birthday party and most of his little friends came :)  

Calvin and his best friend Stailey

Calvin and Cynthia

He has started to make this face every time I point the camera at him.

We continue to ask ourselves "How did we get so lucky?" It's such a blessing to have this little one in our home. I imagined life as a stay-at-home mom being a lot more challenging and distressing than it has been.  I couldn't imagine a better job than this. I get to hang out with the coolest kid in the world EVERYDAY.

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