Saturday, April 17, 2010


So for our honeymoon we were supposed to go on a cruise to Mexico, unfortunately this was around the same time of the swine flu outbreak and all planes/ boats to Mexico were canceled. They gave us a cruise credit to use sometime within the next year. So for spring break this year we decided to use our credit before we lost it. We went with Carnival cruise lines down to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada Mexico. It was sooo much fun! I didn't have to cook, clean, or think about homework. I didn't have to plan anything and there was always something to do. Unfortunately I did get a little sea sick, and my sweet husband did get a little too much sun one day but other than that it was bliss! So I know it's a ton of pictures but we had so much fun I couldn't leave anything out.

We started the trip out right by getting a good wholesome breakfast from

Here we are leaving the dock- it was a bit cold

Meal time was the best- it could be mean time whenever you wanted and you could get as much as you wanted.

We basically walked all around Cabo San Lucas all day exploring the inner city it was lots of fun but we got a tiny too much sun.

We decided that our activity for the day would be to go Parasailing. They were trying to make us pay about $50 more than we actually did but I used my mad Spanish skills to convince them to give us a deal.

I was pretty scared at first, but once you lifted off the boat it wasn't scary at all! It was so much fun! There was a little bit of wind that day so it made it all the more exciting.

It was a long day but we had a blast. They had these little water taxis that would take you back and forth from the ship to land, I even thought that those were fun, maybe I'm easily entertained.

Here is the center of the ship- I thought it looked pretty snazzy

When we had full days at sea we had to get pretty creative to have fun, this day we couldn't hang out in the sun anymore because Jesse would get super sick so we had fun inside.
This was a surfing game in the arcade, I think it was only made for one, but we managed to fit both of us on, just after this picture was taken we fell, it was pretty funny.

Hide and go seek . . . our cabin was pretty small so it didn't take Jesse long to find me.

This night there was SUPER strong winds, you could feel the boat crash down on the waves. The boat would be jerking around so much I would be walking down the hall and I literally couldn't walk in a straight line to save my life.

Jesse made me do karaoke for the first time in my life.

Just waiting for the hypnotist show to come. . .it turned out it was one of the best shows- super funny!

While we waited we played war. War is a funny card game and as it is in life. .. war NEVER ends. Seriously I would be five card away from winning and then the game would turn and he would be super close to winning and it went on like that for a very long time until I got sick of it and gave up.

So funny story, we get to Ensenada and the tour guide starts to tell us our options for the day. He told us that we could go to a place on bus that was beautiful! It has over 500 shops with authentic purses, jewelery, and mexican vanilla. He said that there is a natural phenomenon that only happens four other places in the world but here is the biggest. This sounded great! I was pretty excited so we chose to go there. As we got in the bus to go the next tour guide says "alright. . . are you guys ready to go to the flea market and the blow hole?" I was like WHAT?? The other guy made it sound sooo much cooler! Granted it still was cool, but I mean it was a flea market and a blow hole. . . I asked Jesse if he knew that's that is was and he said well yeah what did you expect? I just imagined something huge and phenomenal! I guess I am the perfect sucker for Spanish tours and infomercials.

Blow Hole
When the water rises to this hole it acts as a pump and blows the water back out.

Overall our cruise was a success we had lots of fun but we were ready to come back to our home.

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