Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was amazing! It was so stress free and fun! Jesse and I did our own little Christmas celebration and gift giving on Christmas eve. We made homemade pizza and wow it was delicious! after we were completely stuffed we gave eachother stocking presents. Jesse got me lots of little goodies and surprised me with a Costco membership card - which I have been wanting for awhile. I got him some fun goodies as well. Jess bought me an awesome Cuisinart Griddler. It's kind of an all in one panini press, grill, and griddle. I've loved it I use it pretty much everyday. I got Jesse a tool box, I'd been hiding it from him for about a month and a half and I was sooo excited to give it to him! Now he can have somewhere to put his tools besides a plastic bin. :)

One of the best part of Christmas is watching the little kids open up their presents. I love how excited they get and want to play with their new toys immediately. Jesse's brother and his cute family came into town so Christmas morning we went over to the Henry's to spend Christmas morning with them.

Later in the day we went over to my family's house for brunch but I was feeling pretty sick so I didn't take any pictures :( But it was a lot of fun! One of the sweetest moments was the present all of us kids got my dad. My dad went to Vietnam and served our country. He earned several metals including a purple heart for his service. Unfortunately these metals are pretty expensive to buy and since he didn't have money when he got home from the war he just had the certificates for them. So all of us kids decided that it was time he received his metals. We pulled together and presented him with 9 metals, pins and ribbons. I'm so proud of my dad and it was such a sweet experience give them to him.

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