Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Halloween 2010

Yeah I know wasn't Halloween forever ago? Well yeah but I just now have motivation to play catch up :) Plus Halloween was amazing and so much fun! Jesse & I were Zim and Gir from the Nickelodeon cartoon Invader Zim. We had a big party over at the Dukes we had amazing food. . .well normal food along with some very interesting things Jesse and I brought and prepared chicken feet, fish heads, tiny octopus, dried fish (which by far was the worst smelling), and balut (fertilized duck egg). It was fun a lot of people dared to try the questionable food. We had lots of fun games duck hunt, rock band and some fun dance music. Here are some fun pics from the night.

Jesse's sister Miri and her new hubby Marc drove down from Utah for the event

Thank you for your appearance Randy and Dev - Yes Randy actually permed his hair- amazing!

Ashligh & Corey and little fetus Elli

So Andrew dressed up as Jesse for Halloween (what do you think?)

Carly & James

Bonstar was the first to try out some of the fear factor food- she tried out the chicken feet- they were actually quite tasty :)

Jess is teaching Shawn how to properly eat balut - he was a champ

I took my turn with the chicken feet. They were deep fried with a little bit of garlic pretty good :)

Jesse's takin his turn

Corey is eating a tiny octopus he said they were good - I trust him

With the smell of these fish - I had the same reaction.

Fish heads- YUM

Adam & Amber I think spent the most time with their costumes- pretty realistic.

Randy & Michelle I think spent the least time on their costumes. . .but still looked amazing!

Halloween was so much fun! Thanks for everyone that joined in!

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