Thursday, June 2, 2011

lil' cottage in Young

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED this weekend! We just relaxed, nothing planned, nowhere to be, nothing pressing on my mind of "things to do before the baby comes" ..pretty much my only worry on this trip was . . . .will the baby come while I'm here? Luckily he didn't :)  We spent Memorial Day weekend with Randy & Michelle Foster up in Young at their adorable little cottage (I'm sad I didn't grab any pictures of the house).  It was a much needed get away, we just hung out, the boys went on quads as we went in the truck down to a little creek, the water was freezing which was perfect for my swollen feet.  We played games, went to a fun little ward they have up there, and the boys played a few fun games of horse shoes. Randy, being awesome totally schooled Jesse even though he'd never played before. .. beginners luck?? Jesse likes to think so :) It was so much fun, I'm so happy we have such good friends that make life amazing. 

Jesse's favorite game was to throw rocks over the edge

I am 36 weeks along and Michelle is 29 weeks

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  1. I've been to Young a lot. I had a friend that lived there when I was about 14. I got my Horsemanship Merit Badge up there and caught some fish at Haggler Creek (sp?). Participated in that little branch's talent show one summer and have attended there a few times.

    Love hearing about Jesse getting beat at a game of skill. He typically wins games of strategy and even does fairly well in games of luck. Send high fives Randy's way for me.

    Fun to see your preggo belly Kendra. Wish we could be there to play too!