Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maternity Shoot by Still Life Studios

I am seriously amazed at the raw talent that the photographers at Still Life Studios have. Dani did an absolutely amazing job on my maternity shoot. I always think yeah I'm definitely NOT a photogenic person, but by some miracle (or just a lot of talent) Still Life always makes me feel good about myself. I look at the pictures that they take and I think hmmmm I actually look pretty dang good, why can't every picture I take look like Still Life took them of me? I'm so so so grateful that I have phenomenal photographers to capture these precious moments in my life.  We are expecting our little bundle of joy the 27th of June, and we are planning on naming him Calvin Henry Pettit. He's already a VERY active little boy....seriously this kid never sleeps, so we are excited to have our hands full when he comes.  Here are just a few. . . (I could not narrow it down more than this) of my favorites.

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  1. How cute are you guys?? And how cute is your little belly!!? I just love this!