Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last week we went to California with one of our best friend couples. The have an adorable little boy about Calvin's age and John used to live there so he showed us around a bit as well. Our hotel was about two miles away from Disneyland (unfortunately we didn't go) but after we got settled in we went out to the best taco shop "Chronic Taco" to have dinner and we took a stroll down the pier at Huntington Beach. It was super dark out and there were about 10 surfers out. Surfing is already one of my biggest fears and in the dark... well that's just crazy. But there were some really big waves and it was fun to watch them not kill themselves.

We were all exhausted from the trip so we called it a night and crashed at the hotel. The next morning we woke up and went to the Newport Temple.  I guess it's not a super busy temple like the Mesa Temple because they didn't have a lot of different sessions going a regular intervals so we initiatories instead. It was one of the smallest Temples I've been in, but it was so beautiful inside. I love going to the Temple, it is always so refreshing and peaceful. After I come out I feel like I can take on the world, like nothing could mess up my day. I needed that because the day was very very rainy and I was supposed to have a photo shoot for the family that we came with at the beach that day.  It didn't work out to say the least. It was cold and rainy and kinda miserable to be outside. Later that evening the rain had stopped, well mostly so Jesse, the boy, and I decided to hit up Downtown Disney we had a little rain bubble to put over Calvin's stroller so he didn't get hit by any rain or wind. He was a pretty happy boy.

Us at the Lego store- our favorite Darth Vader

 We went to the beach the next morning when it was nice and sunny to have a family photo shoot for our friends.  We snagged a couple of our little family while we were there, the boy was angry most of the time. I guess I'm supposed to feed him. Oh yeah, that's my job.  So he wasn't the happiest but I think he has a cute cry face anyways. 

 We were sad because we found out that one of museums had a Star Wars exhibit starting a week after we left.  If any of you know how big of a nerd my husband is, you would know that it would be a terrible loss to miss this. It's going on till April so it looks like we'll be heading back out there in March for Jesse's birthday. It was a fun short trip, but it is always nice to be home.

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