Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well friends, it has finally happened.  I feel that I'm FINALLY firmly entrenched in parenthood with our most recent baby adventure/learning experience.  Poop has achieved rock-star status in our home. This is due to Calvin's recent lack of bowl movements.  Has he pooped yet? What consistency was it? What color?  How bad did it smell?  You see, ever since we started feeding Calvin rice cereal he has been a little stopped up.  I never thought I would want someone to poop so much! When I say a little stopped up, I mean that our baby hasn't had any sort of meaningful movement in about two weeks.  It's obvious that he's uncomfortable and that makes us sad.  Additionally, he's getting up 3x as many times a night as he normally does, which also makes us sad and tired.  The other unsettling piece of this whole ordeal is that I KNOW when Calvin's little body finally finds the wherewithal to void itself of it's carefully collected and compacted waste, it will be terrible...and glorious.  We'll have to have to do something symbolic and meaningful when it finally happens.  If any of you drive by our house and see a little flag at half-mast or a brown ribbon tied around a tree, smile and know that we will sleep well that night.

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