Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fancy Night 2012

Who doesn't want to get dressed up all fancy and have a fancy dinner with fancy friends?  I do!  This is our second fancy night, and it was splendid! Our guests consisted of James and Carly Zamora, and Randy and Dev Day.  We would have invited more but unfortunately my table only holds six. We started off the evening with a fancy photo shoot that I am sure I made a fool of myself trying to run back and forth setting the timer so that we could take some group shots.
Then we went back to our house for dinner and games.  We had two delicious salads, rolls, garlic bread, gorgonzola crusted steaks, and pazookies for dessert.
We finished  the evening with a ridiculous game called "Curses" which I'm pretty sure made everyone feel like idiots. Overall a phenomenal evening.

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