Saturday, March 3, 2012

8 months

Calvin's two bottom teeth are starting to break through!  He cries out every now and then, but that's all! He is teething like a champ.

He also took his first crawl this month, so I expect within the next couple weeks he should be crawling. He is also a getting good at sitting; I don't have to worry about him falling on his face too much. He has started saying "dada" although he's not really referring to Jesse. He says it mostly when he's happy so that's nice. Calvin is also starting to stick out his tongue and blow raspberries. He just babbles and sputters to himself all the time.  The other day we had him on the floor on his little play mat and he was looking up at himself in the mirror and laughing hysterically!  Whenever I pick him up he wraps his arms around my neck really tight, grabs two big hand fulls of hair, and holds on like a little monkey.
The new foods this month have been asparagus, pears, beans, rice, and chicken, all of which Calvin seemes to enjoy.
This little boy has the most expressive face. He makes me laugh so much because of all of his funny expressions.
Here is a video of him laughing at himself in the mirror:

His 8 month photo shoot:

I just love this little boy and his cute face.

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