Tuesday, March 27, 2012

9 months!

On the 16th Calvin turned 9 months old! He is a little string bean. He is only 17 lbs but he is really long for his age. He is so much fun, I love being his mom! This month he has really started crawling. He does this army crawl and he is very determined to get into whatever he wants. His favorite thing to get into is the xbox and modem.  Whenever we catch him and we start walking towards him he gets even more into the cabinet and tries to chew on whatever he can before we get to him.

The other day we were in the car listening to music and he starts singing along! We weren't sure if he was complaining about something or what so we turned off the music and he stops.  When we start the music back up he starts singing again. We have noticed that he does this with night time songs and anytime he hears music. I absolutely love it! I hope he is musical like his dad.

He has started getting  a little pickier with his food, but as long as we are all eating at the table at the same time he'll eat pretty good. If we are eating and he is not, wow buddy he gets mad! He wants whatever we are eating so when we are all eating together we can trick him into thinking he's eating what we are.
He has started being very selective with his toys. We will put the bucket of toys on the ground and he will take them out one by one and look at it and either throw it or play with it.  After there are no more toys in the bucket he will generally flip it over and knock himself in the face with it. He will brace himself for the bonk as he flips it up.
Calvin LOVES being outside! Since the weather has been so nice we go to the park for picnics often. He loves watching the trees and the birds. His favorite is watching the big trucks going by.

I love him and his little expressive face, here are a few shots from his monthly photo shoot: 


  1. Oh how precious!!! I love that our boys are so close in age. Too bad we don't live closer to each other. We could have play dates.

  2. Swoon! I love that he's already singing along. That is darling! I can't wait until all of our little boys are running around together!