Thursday, February 14, 2013

18 Months

My sweet baby boy turned 18 months in December!  I still call him my teenie tiny baby boy, but he isn't so teenie tiny anymore. He's hilarious, and I love having a boy! I never thought I would rip my kid out of his high chair, run out the front door in the cold and get so excited to see the garbage truck.  I get excited every time I see an airplane, fork lift, or any type of truck because he LOVES them so much.  He makes his vroom vroom sounds as he plays with his toy cars. He has a peanut butter and honey sandwich everyday. He loves to rough house with his dad.  He loves our kitty cat and tackles and cuddles him every chance he gets.  He is getting a little less rough with other kids, I have hope that he'll be soft with his new baby brother when he comes.
We have been looking forward to nursery in church for months now.  The weeks leading up to his 18 month mark going to church seemed almost pointless. We spent most of the time out in the hall because Calvin refused to be with us in a classroom setting. So finally when he turned 18 months we were very eager to get him into nursery so we could start paying attention and getting things out of class again. As we dropped him off at nursery for the first time we were nervous, a lot of kids refuse to be dropped off and end up screaming the whole time.  Jesse dropped him off and the wonderful teachers got him distracted so Jesse could sneak out. He did great! There is a little stuffed puppy dog in nursery and whenever he started getting sad would hold that little puppy close and he would feel better. He has done great every day since then and we are so grateful! I have never been so thankful for our nursery leaders! I'm grateful for their sacrifice. Going to church every Sunday and not getting a ton out of it because you are finding snacks or trying to entertain your kid really wears on you after awhile. You need that spiritual uplift on Sundays! We are so happy that he loves nursery! I peek in on him and see him participating in the songs and activities. It makes me happy.

We love our big baby boy. We love how much he is learning and growing. Sometimes I don't love how he is learning how to get up on the couch on his own or opening up doors and bottles on his own. He is experimenting on climbing on buckets and he makes me nervous on a daily basis. But he is learning. Even bump, bonk, and bruise he gets he's learning and we just adore him. The other day he was watching cookie monster on the I Pad and Cookie Monster was eating lots of cookies. Then I hear Calvin whisper "coookie" and then try to lick the I Pad.  He cracks me up.

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