Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rezurrection Computer Repair

Back in November of 2012 Jesse and I had the strong impression that he needed to leave his reliable, steady job to start his own business. That's crazy right? What kind of irresponsible people are we anyways?! We went to the Temple a few times and had a special fast to make sure and the impression was there (and who are we to question matters of the Spirit?). We needed to leave his job and the Lord would provide a way for us to get by.  The original plan was give notice as soon as we get back from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah but considering how that fantastic trip  went we decided we pray and get some additional guidance. Our trepidation, although spiritually immature, was logically warranted:  our toddler recently had a major medical emergency that may or may not be a recurring thing, I'm pregnant and due in a few short months, and Jesse has had seizures in the past:  do we really want to leave a job that has insurance and a steady income?  As we drove home from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah, we stayed overnight with Jesse's grandma Bonnie. We had been talking about the decision quite a bit in the hours spent between Orem and Hurricane (where Jesse's grandmother lives).  Once we arrived and had a bite to eat, we unpacked a few things and put our toiletries in the bathroom.  Hung on the bathroom wall was a verse from Proverbs, chapter 3, verse 5:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

We had felt this prompting again and again and it was a very appropriate reminder of just how many times we had been directed to this course. The Lord knew what was going to happen with our little boy before we did, so why would His counsel change at this point?  The event that had momentarily paralyzed our faith was already known to the Creator of all things - we just needed to remember with Whom we were dealing.  :)

 Jesse put in his two weeks the beginning of December and it really has been a miracle in our lives. Of course it would be, why would the Lord want anything different than the best for his children?

We feel so taken care of: all of our needs are being met, we have state insurance to cover us while we get established, and we have good friends who have sent business our way.

Jesse has more work coming in than we expected at this point and opportunities continue to present themselves.
Oh, on a related note, if you or anyone you know needs computer, webpage, project management, or business analytics help, I happen to live with a guy who does that sort of thing and has reasonable rates.  He'll even help you cut your cable and go Internet only if you want to save some money.

I am so grateful for the guidance of the Lord in our lives. I know He does not leave us alone in any circumstance, no matter how petty or small it may be when compared to everything else. He is there when we need Him and he will guide us as we seek Him.

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