Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas 2012

This was Calvin's first year going to see Santa, of course he was terrified, but he will give anyone and everyone a high five when asked.

I LOVED Christmas this year! It was such a perfect Christmas! Calvin is old enough to understand presents and toys and treats.  We had our Christmas here in Arizona.  It was relaxing and just personal. I love the time I have with this little family of mine.  We got him a bunch of cars and I made him an awesome car mat to play with. I took him Christmas shopping and he picked out more of his presents, but by the time Christmas came he had forgotten about them.  It was fun because I knew that he would love all of his presents!  Santa put a fun book and school bus in his stocking and after that he really didn't care about any other presents. He loved them so much! We got him a bubble machine that we tested out later that day.  Christmas is so much for enjoyable when there are little kids that feel that magic of Christmas.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without going to the Mesa Temple lights.  Jesse and his little a capella boy group sang at the temple this year. Just their luck the night that they were scheduled to sing it was pouring outside! And it was freezing!! I bundled Calvin up with three layers of sweaters and coats and long johns with fleece pants and headed out prepared for a very cold hour. Cold being about 35 degrees and wet. We are from Arizona, so any colder than that would just be unbearable. :)  I told Jesse that no one is going to hear them sing. I felt bad for them, they practiced a ton and although that was half of the fun, it's always exciting to perform for an audience. When we got to the temple we found out that due to weather conditions it had been moved inside the visitors center. It was PACKED! I seriously couldn't even move. They did amazing and I'm so proud of my talented husband and his friends. They also performed at the Higley community Christmas concert. We were able to stay for the whole thing as we bribed Calvin with smarties to sit still. It was beautiful and it really brought the Christmas spirit!  I love the Christmas time of year to reflect on Christs life and everything that He did and continues to do for us.

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