Thursday, February 14, 2013


When we found out that we were having a boy when I was pregnant with Calvin, his name came so easy.  The name just fit. This time when we got pregnant we were SURE that we were having a girl. We had an adorable name picked out and everything. I imagined painting her room and having a large peach armoire in her room. I imagined baby dolls, pink ruffles bows, and tutus.  When the doctor said that we were having another boy we were shocked. We made him check again and again, but sure enough we are having another boy.  We hadn't even thought about boy names. We thought about it for months. I had my favorite names Samuel, Thomas, or James, but none of them felt like it was this kid.  It just didn't fit his personality. Jesse made name suggestions, but all of them were terrible. :) One day he suggested the name Leonard.  I laughed at him, yeah right Leonard? Really? I really can't imagine naming our kid Leonard. He's already going to be a nerd. He'll be made fun of so much! So obviously the next day I was making fun of him to one of my friends. I'm like yeah right Jesse really wants to name our kid Leonard. And my friend says, that's not so bad, you can call him Lenny.  At that moment I got chills all over. I knew that his name is Leonard. Our little Lenny. Later we asked Calvin if his little brothers name should be Lenny, and he says clear as day, "Lenny!!" It made me tear up a bit. Finally we had a name. We wanted a little more old fashioned name. I can just imagine Calvin and little Lenny in their rocking chairs on the front porch, talking about the weather with their little bubble pipes.
Although we had our hearts set on having a little girl, we are so excited for out little Lenny boy! I'm grateful that we are having a boy so Calvin has a little brother to rough house with. I know that they will be good friends, some day.
My neighbor friend recently had a baby and we were at the park with the kids and I was holding her new teenie tiny. Calvin saw me from across the park and FREAKED out! He started screaming, and real live tears were streaming down his face. As soon as I gave my friend back her baby he was fine, no more tears, no more freaking out, but as soon as that new baby was in my arms the water works began again.
We are all in for a fun couple of weeks when our little Lenny graces us with his presence. We just scheduled our c-section date. March 29th 6 AM!! It finally feels real. Yes the sleepless nights and not being able to bend over and the excess weight gain have all been very real, but the idea of having a new baby in the house finally feels like reality.  We are excited for our new baby boy!

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