Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7 Months

I was at church the other day and I held a teenie tiny newborn.  She was so little! I thought for sure she had to be about 5 lbs. When I asked how much she weighed the mom said "oh she's about 8 lbs now."  What?! 8 lbs!? I remember when Calvin was 8 lbs and I thought he was huge! I can't believe that he was that little once!
I love my little handsome.  He is such a happy boy.  He has been kinda sick this month, but even when he is sick he is still so happy.  I feel so lucky to be his mom.  He has gained a little bit of weight since last month (luckily) he weighed in at a whopping 15.3 lbs. Still somewhat underweight but he is in the 75% for height he is 28 inches long. He's my little string bean. This month has been a month of trying new food. So far he's tried: carrots, peas, bananas, avocados, apple sauce, and sweet potatoes. He has these sweet potato puffs that he goes nuts over. When I bring out the container his eyes light up and he puts his arms out to the side and starts shaking his hands, he gets so excited!
Calvin eating avocados
One of the super funny things about Calvin is that he loves to get scared. Jesse and I will hide and jump out at him and he will jump and then start laughing really hard. Or we will make a scary face and growl at him he thinks it's the funniest thing.  He has also learned the "B" sound so everyday it's "ba bababa ba ba bababa". He looks straight into your eyes, lifts his eyebrows, and tilts his head like a grown-up would while trying to describe something. He has the most expressive eyes! His eyes smile before his mouth does. I love his sweet happy face.  I could be in the saddest mood, but when I get him out of his crib and I see that sweet smile and hilarious chirp I can't help but be happy. I love my little boy.

Calvin and his best friend Stailey
This month we also went on Calvin's first hike. We went to Butcher Jones around Saguaro Lake with my mom and my nephews.  He did so good, he loved being outside, but toward the end he got super tired so he slept the entire hike back to the car.

Here is Calvin's 7 month photo shoot:

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