Monday, January 2, 2012

Bachelors in Family and Human Development

Yay for me!!! I finished school and now have a Bachelors degree in Family and Human Development!  I am the first person in my immediate family (excluding in-laws) to get a Bachelors Degree.  It's always been a goal of mine to get a degree. I remember growing up and not being able to imagine my perfect wedding but instead contemplating what my major would be in college.  I settled on interior design when I was in grade school but then learned that I had to be good at math for that and I knew at a very early age math was not for me. In Junior high I really wanted to be a chef.  I still like cooking a lot but it became more of a fun, personal thing rather than something I wanted to go to school for.  In high school I wanted to become a psychologist.  I wanted to help people through their problems and help them realize that they are worth more than they think.  I wanted everyone to know that they are special. But during my junior year of high school one of my friends committed suicide and it really took hit me hard.  For one reason or another it never occurred to me that if I chose to become a psychologist that it would be a possibility that one of my patients would take their own life and honestly I don't think that I could handle it. After high school I went to Mesa Community College and got an Associates degree in Art.  I figured that was a safe bet - I liked art. Back then, I was working full time as a photographer and I was loving life. After graduating with my AA degree I went on a mission and when I got back, I took a semester off, got married, and dove right back into school. ASU was good to me: they accepted all my transfer credits and even allowed me to test out of a few Spanish classes.  It was time to choose a real major. I love photography but I felt like I already had a wonderful education from working at Still Life Studios.  The only other thing that I really really wanted to do in life was to become a mom and raise awesome babies so I chose Family and Human Development as my major.  I did all my switching back and forth between majors when I was a kid so when it came time to really choose, I was ready. I loved the classes I took! I think one of my favorite classes was Child Development. It covered everything from conception to age two. I found the different stages that kids go through fascinating.  I love being able to apply the things that I have learned to my own parenting style and it's fun to have my own little science experiment (CALVIN!!). I love looking back at my old textbooks to get a bit more insight into what to do at this stage of development.  It's been such a blessing in my life and I can only imagine it will be more and more useful as my child(ren) get older and more plentiful.
I chose not to walk with my graduating class since earning a degree was more of a personal goal (although you may feel free to send me a graduation gift, *wink wink*).  I'll do a little happy dance when it arrives in the mail and that will be it.  Oh, and I'll probably convince Jesse that we need to celebrate and go have a yummy dinner someplace nice (like Applebees, haha, j/k, gross).

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  1. i majored in this tooooooo! i am obsessed. i still go to barnes & noble sometimes to read books about pregnancy. i'm not sure if that's normal, but oh well...